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Our products are manufactured to the highest of standards. They are engineered to be lightweight for ease of application. Each stone is an exact replica from natural stone and is carefully selected for shape, size, texture and colour.

Because of our innovative colouring process, each and every stone produced is virtually identical to the original. With a super hard outer shell designed to replicate natural stone, our products are designed to be used on exterior and interior applications. It is intended for nonstructural use and can be applied to load bearing walls, wood framework, steel or masonry.

Preparing the Surface (Over Wood)
Apply a moisture barrier directly to the wood surface starting from the bottom and working your way up. Cover moisture barrier with a galvanized metal lath according to local building codes. Overlap
metal lath min. 4” on vertical seams and 6” on horizontal seams. Wrap lath around corners min. 16”.

Applying Scratch Coat (General Preparation)
Apply masonry scratch coat (preferably over metal lath) evenly, approx. 3/8 – 1/2” thick. Press mix into the holes of the metal lath, keeping surface fairly flat and even. Use a hard brush or nails to scratch up the surface.

Clusterstone Adhesive
Add 3,5- 4 lt of water per 1 bag of 25 kg Clusterstone Adhesive and mix approx. 3-4 minutes for a paste like consistency.

Applying the Stone
Install corners first and work from bottom to top. Apply a half-inch layer of mortar to the back of the stone. Press the stone against the wall using even pressure across entire stone while gently rocking the stone into place. When using a stackable pattern, take care to keep stones level. Clusterstone Adhesive consistency may need adjusting depending on weather conditions. Cut stones to length as needed using a masonry blade or stone nippers.

Grouting & Striking Joints
You can use Clusterstone Adhesive as your grout mix.
Grouting can be done using a grout bag. Fill grout joint completely being careful not to miss any voids. After grout mortar becomes firm to touch, you can strike the joints with a striking tool or hardwood
stick. Lightly brush excess dust from stone. Color pigments may be used to color the grouting. 

Remove mortar residue from face of stone with water and soft brush the same day of installation.

Clusterstone should not be installed closer than 4” to the final grade.
This will keep freeze soil from applying pressure to stone and help keep stone clean as well as provide better drainage. A good water based acrylic sealer may be an option in high moisture areas.

Click on below link to download installation tips.